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"2in1” is an agency offering arrangement of weddings, christenings and other festivities for families. 

We come together on holidays and festive occasions to create joy for other people and for ourselves. Having fun in the family, together with our relatives and friends is part of our wellbeing that we surely can increase. We believe in the power of the family and in the heritage of our ancestors’ traditions and customs that have survived through centuries and shown their strength and value. We revive these traditions and customs in contemporary form and apply them to the current time. 


Event Dresses and wedding dresses Magical Beauty

In 2018, we have expanded our range of activities and established an  e-store Magical Beauty with a vast choice of goods for our lovely womenMagical Beauty offers distinguished and chick evening gowns, dresses for graduation parties and formal occasions as well as attractive wedding gowns. Each dress has a charm and individuality of its own, every collection has a distinct character corresponding to a variety of tastes and styles.  Some of the dresses on stock  are made with a separate top and skirt so that they can be bought individually and combined for specific occasions. Other dresses have additional skirts creating bigger volume, which can also be bought separately. 


In 2019 we have opened a salon and our wonderful dresses can be purchased at our Magical Beauty salon in Valmiera too, Riga street 76a. See the location here.

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