Conditions of use of the gift card

This “2in1” gift card (hereinafter “the Gift Card”) provides its holder access to services for the sum indicated on the Gift Card:

  • The Gift Card may not be replaced, returned to the issuer or drawn in cash.
  • The Gift Card is valid only for the services offered or arranged by SIA “2in1” and purchases in the 2in1 store.
  • The Gift Card is valid only until the expiry date indicated on the Gift Card.
  • If the price of the services purchased by the card holder exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the card holder may pay the outstanding amount by fund transfer.
  • If the Gift Card is lost, it shall not be replaced.
  • Upon its expiry date the Gift Card will be cancelled.
  • The Gift Card can be used for payment for the services along with other methods of payment (fund transfer against an invoice).
  • The Gift Card is not a credit instrument.

When purchasing a Gift Card, please read our Privacy Policy here