Wedding Day Latvija 2019

Our story - We had a wonderful opportunity to take part in the exhibition Wedding Day Latvija 2019 held at Bellevue Park Hotel Riga. Our team - Anta Šulmeistare-Tupreine (2in1, Magical Beauty), Judīte Bukša and Egils Bukšs (Sudrabkalni Viesistaba and Judītes crowns), Miks Šulmeistars (MG Show - illumination) and Gita Kaļčeva (our dress model). The glorious day of the exhibition was spent in exciting meetings and conversations with interesting people, admiring the crowns, advertising our services in party planning, our boutique of womenswear and crown-making master classes. Here are the moments captured at the exhibition. Our greatest thanks to the arrangers for the invitation and the leaders of the event - for creating fantastic atmosphere!