The Kokmuiža Festival 2019

This year's  Kokmuiža Festival  will be remembered for its wonderful atmosphere. The ancient Livonian market  and the products of  artisans from Kocēni and other villages, and lovely music throughout the day  - an excellent holiday for families.  We enjoyed two stories about Kokmuiža ladies and their crowns.  The Night of Legends had inspired the Legend Crown, noble and strong in its character, reflecting the story of the old manor house. It was presented by   Ginta Kalniņa. The Garden Pearl Crown presented by Gita Kaļčeva was delicate and light like the flower garden and park of the manor that is being gradually restored. Every little bead in this crown was woven in by visitors and tourists, but it was started and finished  by the admirable artist and maker of crowns  Judīte Bukša. Both the crowned ladies were accompanied by Miks Šulmeistars. Visitors could take pictures with the ladies   symbolizing  the romantic manor of  Kokmuiža.