Weddings and christenings, events planning

"2in1” is an agency offering arrangement of weddings, christenings and other festivities for families. 

We wish to show you that seemingly familiar and even long-forgotten things can acquire new existence and potential. We believe that quality time is extremely important, especially if it is enriched by customs and traditions that even in their modern version have retained their power and virtue. 


Event Dresses and wedding dresses Magical Beauty

In 2018 we expanded our business and opened an online boutique Magical Beauty. We offer a range of chic and luxurious dresses to make every festive occasion in your life special and dreamlike! Every item in our collection is unique, some of them are two-piece garments enabling you to create your own individual style.  Magical Beauty is the official representative of the womenswear brand Paulain in Latvia. 


You can also visit us and buy these wonderful dresses at Magical Beauty boutique in Valmiera, Rīgas iela 76a. See the location here.

Traditions and rituals at weddings, christening

The legacy of our ancestors is left with mighty customs and traditions, given at weddings and christenings as a basis for life for young couples and children, making strong spirit family. By combining traditions and customs with power of Latvian symbols and lyrics, creating  power of the Trinity and the incredible power of the ritual itself. Like magic words - yes they are strong enough, that they tells us how we want to live and what family values we bring.