Christening is the purest celebration for the family, kith and kin.  It used to be the baby’s first party that was celebrated for two days. A newborn has arrived to continue the family and we wish the baby love, health, wisdom and luck. In christening it is important to focus on the newborn as well as on the role of its godparents. There was a belief that the godparents’ character traits, behavior and dressing style pass over to the godchild.  Our ancestors new that by christening rituals they were giving the child not only diligence, but also independence, self-support, leaving mother’s apron strings, and many other useful things.

       Liec, Laimīte, baltu ziedu
       Mazajā rociņā,
       Lai ir balta tā dzīvīte                                     

       Kurā būs jādzīvo!    (Latvian folksong)

Today, more and more families choose to christen their babies according to ancestral traditions and customs. One such tradition was a white table, around which the guests stood in a close circle and the godparents treated them to white refreshments – cheese, milk and white bread -  so that the baby could not only have a good and happy life, but also strong, white teeth without gaps. The food had to be consumed quickly so that the child would be diligent. There was no talk while eating in order to protect the child from excessive talkativeness.

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