Workshops/ seminars

We arrange workshops/seminars. In the course of arrangement  we shall advise you on the available venues corresponding to your actual needs and budget and draw up programmes to achieve your targets as well as equip the classrooms in accordance with the specific theme. We shall assist during the event. If necessary, we shall arrange for transportation and overnight stay. 

Arrangement of Conferences

We arrange conferences and training courses and provide the following services:

  • Find a venue for the conference and plan and equip the premises;
  • Plan the procedure and budget of the conference;  
  • Prepare the format for online registration;
  • Coordinate registration and book hotels;
  • Arrange for printing and distribution of conference materials;
  • Plan and arrange dinners, receptions and other events;
  • Draw up entertainment programs;
  • Arrange for transportation services and meeting of guests if requested;
  • Registration during the conference;
  • Other technical services and staff as required.

Special events, meetings

Service with a personal touch and attention for detail to make your special event – a meeting, dinner, luncheon etc. – excellent.  We shall:

  • Find the most suitable place for your event;
  • Draft a concept and scenario;
  • Implement the idea;
  • Develop, order and distribute the materials on the event;
  • Plan the venue according to your request and accommodate it for your needs;
  • Decorate the venue according to the theme of the event;
  • Provide technical support.

For planning and arrangement of conferences/ seminars please contact us here.