Latvian traditions and customs

Latvians have a wealth of traditions and customs, rich and strongly based in the cycles of nature and various observations over many centuries. As our ancestors had noticed, the traditional rituals and customs worked their magic most effectively during the summer solstice or during significant events such as weddings, christenings or jubilees. On such occasions, through rituals and customs it was possible to impart or to „program” a good wish, harmony, happiness or luck.

On their way to a wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom must hold their hands tight and keep close to each other so that nobody can go between them and they live happily ever after.

According to old traditions, in summer solstice and other celebrations people also engaged in fortune telling and prediction of future.  These rituals made the celebrations even more exciting and unique. Girls and sometimes also boys tried to foretell the time of their marriage or find out what the future harvest or weather would be like.

By the manner the bride was carrying her bouquet it was possible to tell how good the life of the new family would be – the higher and prouder – the better.

On the Christmas eve, the maids carried firewood into the house. If the number of logs was even, a wedding was soon to come.

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