Planning and Arrangement of Wedding

Wedding is the beginning of a new period in our life when instead of one there are two persons or sometimes a family with offspring starting life together. Eyes are shining and souls are brimming with happiness at the beginning of this new road, there are wishes of love and joy and confidence in a long life together. With great excitement we look forward to this day, to our future, we wish everything to run smoothly, nicely, according to our dreams and desires. This moment must be experienced by the bride and the groom, their parents, each of them individually, yet the excitement is shared by all of them.

Our agency will be happy to plan and arrange your wedding. In order to make the wedding arrangements for the young people easier, we offer the following services:

  • We recommend or help  find the artist who will design the wedding invitations and we shall distribute them;
  • We shall present a list of various celebration venues and help  choose the most suitable place for you;
  • We shall help you choose musicians and leaders of the party or we offer to lead the festivity ourselves;
  • We shall draft the wedding day scenario and plan;
  • We shall help  choose photographers and video artists;
  • We shall conduct  traditional and non-traditional wedding rituals;
  • We shall decorate the wedding venue or recommend decorators who can implement your ideas and wishes;
  • We shall take care of big and small matters, small personal things and gifts chosen by the bride and groom for their wedding day;
  • We shall provide support and assistance to the newlyweds  during the celebration;
  • We shall invite various performing artists to the wedding;
  • We shall take care of car rental and overnight accommodation for guests;
  • We shall implement other ideas suggested by you.

We are here with you as well as with the wedding leaders, parents and relatives and friends who make this wonderful day happen. Apply for joint preparations and planning for this day and get answers to your questions here.

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