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Magical Beauty offers high quality evening dresses, cocktail dresses and gorgeous and gentle wedding dresses, as well as dresses for various events such as theater and anniversaries, or corporate events. The offered dresses are unusual and for different tastes, as well as sizes.

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Dear customers, we are pleased to introduce you to our new partner  FeyaBridal, which offers very interesting and beautiful wedding dresses.

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Wedding dress collection The Garden of love

Wedding dress collection Monroe

Wedding dress collection Monroe - New!

The bride ... what is she like? What thoughts and feelings does each girl experience on the eve of her special day and at the very moment when she wears her own, then the latest dress and experiences unique moments? It is so important for us to understand this, it is so important to be fine, precise when trying to write an article as part of every girl's life, because it is difficult to find a more reverent and gentle moment. Maybe only the birth of a baby will become something that can overshadow the bride's emotions.
These are the dresses where the main thing is: the bride's sophistication and purity - the purity of lines and shapes in every PAULAIN model. The tenderness of the bride is an absolute lack of aggressive and heavy elements. The simple word "YES" that the bride will say at the main moment is a dress that shines just like any girl.

Dress collection Timeless Love

Love has always been inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, and it inspired Paulain artists to create a new collection of beautiful dresses.

Each character of Timeless Love is a symbol of time, a unique fate and a love story shimmering in the memory of mankind like a diamond.

Tremulous Ophelia and decisive Irene Adler, ardent young Juliet and the leader of the Valkyries Freya, humble Meggie and passionate Carmen - they are all different, but each one has become the personification of Love. Personification of everlasting, endless, all-consuming Love.

Choose the image that suits your spirit and notions of beauty best of all, and hurry to conquer the world with Paulain dresses, creating the most beautiful page in the history of Eternal Love.

Dress collection Timeless Love

Dress collection Incredible Stories

Dress collection Incredible Stories

You are going places, you are flying, you are determined to see new coutries, get new emotions and meet new people. Some will say "She is crazy!" Some will admire you! Some will quetly nod in approval! Noone will be left indifferent. You will inspire them to dream of a stress free adventurous and exciting life. It is possible to live a life full of surprises, it is possible to have fun every day. It possible to fall in love with...

Adventure! Paulaine's New Collection is dedicated to a dreamer. An inspiring dreamer who will make it all happen! To a woman who believes that everyday is special. To a woman who can easily become a role model. Our collection, our story is not just a combination of words. It is made out of stunning dresses telling their unique stories...

Wedding dress collection Cosmopolita Bridal

"COSMOPOLITAN BRIDAL" girl lives in a BIG world full of miracles and greating possibilities. She falls in love with cities and countries, discovering all new ways of inspiration. A wonderful collection for brides.

Wedding dress collection Cosmopolita Bridal