About us

Wedding agency 2in1 is wedding and baptism planning and organization agency for families. A beginning for a new family, a continuation of two families that establish their traditions and rituals in their festivities and celebrations.

The wonderful story of the wedding and baptism planning and organizing agency 2in1 started in July 2014, implementing a celebration in our own family. Continuing to inspire others to have unforgettable celebrations, we have gained experience that allows us to make celebrations even more special today. Our team is able to delve into the values of every family to fulfill the dream of carefree but beautiful events. We will be with you exactly as you need it – planning the celebration in full or only a part of it.

Together. For ever. In Hapiness.

Anta Šulmeistare-Tupreine

Event planner and organizer

There is a beginning in love – the beginning of something new in yourself and the beginning of a family, the fulfillment of your dreams.

In the run-up to the big family celebrations – baptisms for children, family reunions, and the transfer of its power and wisdom to a younger generation – the dreams came true. This feast gave warmth and fulfillment of joy to every heart.

I started to learn about the traditions and rituals of the Latvian people earlier, often repeating how they work in everyday life, how prophetic and full of power they are. I began to learn about the traditions and rituals of the Latvian people way earlier, often realizing how they work in my daily life, how prophetic and full of power they are. The legacy left by our ancestors is full of strength and wisdom, whom were believed and able to use it, observe and divine.

Each day we create by ourselves, it all depends on what thoughts and emotions we start it with!

Happiness filled and from now on!


OUR TEAMTogether more creative and interesting ...


Hermīne Brusova

Customer Service Manager/
Visual Content Artist


Lija Hudjakova

Shop assistant/consultant


Semija Ozoliņa

Wedding planner and organizer